© Norman Behrendt, Brave New Turkey # 1, Ahmediye Camii, Batikent, Ankara, 2016

© Norman Behrendt, Brave New Turkey # 1, Ahmediye Camii – 2015, Batikent, Ankara, realised 2016

Norman Behrendt
Brave New Turkey


Norman Behrendt
„Greetings from Turkey“

Hartmann Projects

11 × 13,6 cm
Small booklet with 17 postcards folded from a complete printing sheet, in cellophane bag. Two cover colors (green and red) in the style of turkish passports, random distribution.

First edition 800 copies, english text


Nadine Engler and Norman Behrendt
July 2017







"Brave New Turkey" is a photographic research of new built mosques in a Neo-Ottoman-Style in the urban landscape of Turkey. Since 2014, Norman Behrendt travels to Turkey and visits the sprawling suburban districts of Ankara and Istanbul. These rapidly built endless suburban high-rise developments manifest the recent economical and demographical boom of Turkey. Along with the massive housing construction came a second massive construction project: the mosques. The pictures of Norman Behrendt are a strong documentary photography project, visualizing a phenomenon as a symbol of change and power that reaches beyond geographical borders. (Press: Rencontres de la Photographie Arles)


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