VTph – Visual Thoughts about contemporary fine art photography


VTph is a magazine where we present and discuss artistic positions in photography – to keep ourselves curious about the photographic image and maybe even to awaken a new sense of curiousity.

We think visually!

Our goal is to work together to create and grow a platform for a visual exchange of ideas – both for networking and inspiration. We are united by our passion for good images.

We see and think about what we see.

What do they do to us, these photographs that describe, narrate and interpret time and our world with such great complexity – and in a new way each time we look at them, not to mention in a different way for every person who looks at them?

Independently selected exhibition tips and publications become exciting discoveries and rediscoveries, surprising us.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all of the artists, photographers, curators, gallery owners, collectors and institutions that make it possible for us to show current and rare image material here.

VTph editions is our new online gallery which presents the artwork of upcoming and renowned artists for a new generation of collectors, art lovers and the interested audience.

Come by and visit our new online shop with a fine selection of contemporary fine art photography. We are proud to present the most inspiring editions of upcoming and acknowledged artists for you to purchase. Follow us to see outstanding artwork by international artists.

VTph is looking forward to your visit. Enjoy!

LOGO OK VTph editions 2 Feb