Armin Linke, ReN_005446_31 CNR, National Research Council, Fermi conference hall, reproduction of the map made by Fra' Mauro in 1460 Roma Italy 2007 / © Armin Linke

Armin Linke, ReN_005446_31, CNR, National Research Council, Fermi conference hall, reproduction of the map made by Fra‘ Mauro in 1460 Roma Italy, 2007 / © Armin Linke

Armin Linke

The Appearance of That Which Cannot be Seen


Spector Books


Armin LinkeJan KiesswetterAlina SchmuchLinda van Deursen


Jan KiesswetterMevis van Deursen

395 pp., 350 colour images

thread-sewn brochure in a gatefold cover with dustjacket

Leipzig November, 2017

Edition Number: 1

Width: 30 cm / Length: 20 cm

Language: English





Armin Linke has been documenting the transformation of megacities and the effects of globalization for over 20 years, and so he has chronicled all the far-reaching economic, ecological and geological changes of our time. “The Appearance of That Which Cannot Be Seen”, presents a cross-section of his image archive, which now comprises around 500,000 photographs. His works are accompanied by text and commentary by Ariella Azoulay, Lorraine Daston, Franco Farinelli, Bruno Latour, Peter Weibel, Mark Wigley and Jan Zalasiewicz.


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