© Göran Gnaudschun, Victoria, Pigneto, Rome 2017, from the series "Are you Happy?"

© Göran Gnaudschun, Victoria, Pigneto, Rome 2017, from the series „Are you Happy?“ (Haus am Kleistpark)

© Sue Barr, Walter Filak from The Architecture of Transit

© Sue Barr, Walter Filak from The Architecture of Transit (Hartmann Projects)

© Florian Albrecht-Schoeck, from the series "Kraj Rodzinny"

© Florian Albrecht-Schoeck, from the series „Kraj Rodzinny“ (Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation)

© Anne Erhard, "An elderberry place ", 2017

© Anne Erhard, „An elderberry place“, 2017 (aff Galerie, Berlin)


Mur(s) / Mauer(n)


7 rue de la Roquette 13200 Arles


from 30th June to 31st July 2019


daily 11-19h


Wednesday 3rd July, 18h30


Saturday 6th July, 18h30

The 2019 edition of FOTOHAUS I PARISBERLIN focuses on the subject of walls, bringing together around 50 photographers from Germany, France and other European countries. Organized by ParisBerlin>fotogroup under the title Mur(s) / Mauer(n), the exhibition will be shown during Les Rencontres d‘Arles, within the program of the Voies Off Festival, in July 2019.

It would seem that the need to build or destroy walls has been inscribed for centuries in human DNA. The very concept of a wall refers to the desire of peoples and individuals to distinguish national, religious or ethnic territories, public or private spaces. The goal being often to remain with one‘s peers, to protect and defend themselves against real or imaginary dangers.

From 1961 to 1989, the Berlin Wall was the symbol of the confrontation of two ideologies and systems, a symbol of the conflict between the so-called free and “non-free“ worlds. Its „fall“ 30 years ago was supposed to mark the end of the Cold War, bringing long lasting peace to the world. However, this hope was deceptive and today‘s reality is sobering. While in 1989 there were only 15 walls or highly secured border fences worldwide, in 2011 the number reached up to 48, and today there are more than 60! This equals a length of about 40.000 kilometers – roughly the circumference of the earth. The first Schengen Agreement of 1985 led to a gradual abolishment of border controls in many parts of Europe. But some countries have reintroduced them, and in the EU, as well as in the rest of the world, borders are once again closing, and walls are being built at an alarming rate. The causes are varying: control of migration flows, fear of the “clash of cultures“, fight against terrorism, economic crises and environmental degradation. However, the consequences are always the same: isolationism, nationalism, rise of populism and a general rejection of “the other”.

Aff Galerie: Anna Eckold, Anne Erhard, Stefanie Rieder, Sarah Straßmann, Matthias Walendy, Andrea Wilmsen, Franca Wohlt

LesAssociés: Alexandre Dupeyron, Elie Monferier, Joël Peyrou, Sébastien Sindeu, Olivier Panier des Touches

BelleVue – A place for photography: Anja Conrad, Wilma Leskowitsch

Collection Regard: Philipp J. Bösel & Burkhard Maus, Amin El Dib, Thomas Gosset Valère, Hein Gorny, Margret Hoppe, Dietrich Oltmanns

COLLECTIF F1.4: Laura Bonnefous, Gabrielle Chaillat, Maud Lecompte, Luc Quelin, Margaux Roy

Curated by Sylvain Besson, collection director, Musée Nicéphore Niépce: VU, Voilà, Regards – the French press as a pioneer in the political upheavals during the interwar period: Maurice Tabard, Marcel Ichac, Lucien Vogel, Agence Trampus, Agence Pacific & Atlantic and anonymous photographers!

Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation: Florian Albrecht-Schoeck, Jana Bissdorf, Malte Sänger

Students of ENSP, Arles: Adèle Delefosse, Victor Drouineau, Yasmine Goudjil, Adrien Julliard, Noria Kaouadji, Naïma Lecomte, Maxime Muller, Marie Perraudin, Robin Plusquellec

Freundeskreis Willy-Brandt-Haus: Bernd Heyden

Galerie Folia: Peter Puklus, Patrick Tourneboeuf

Galerie Franzkowiak: Martin Imboden

Hartmann Projects: Sue Barr

Haus am Kleistpark: Göran Gnaudschun

Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie: Miguel Brusch, Charlott Cobler, Uli Kaufmann, Patricia Morosan, Jana Sophia Nolle, Toni Petraschk, Nils Stelte, Anna Tiessen, Sebastian Wells

ParisBerlin>fotogroup (*in cooperation with Galerie Franzkowiak): Sue-Elie Andrade-Dé, Graziano Arici (“Coup de cœur” from Arles), Holger Biermann*, Vanessa Deflache, Anton Roland Laub, Sandra Schmalz, Torsten Schumann, Andreas Trogisch*

W.E.R Ulysses: Casper Aguila Christoffersen, Marion Brun, Aurélien Ciller, Fanny Duval, Hermine Naudin

L’Ascenseur Végétal: Photo bookstore

Projections Kinohaus:

ARTE France: Documentaries + Karambolage program

HGB Leipzig: Class of Photography and Moving Image of Tina Bara

MoPa – Computer Graphics Animation School, Arles






FOTOHAUS | PARISBERLIN is an exhibition concept founded by ParisBerlin>fotogroup in 2015 to highlight the Franco-German photographic scene while still keeping an open mind for other new and interesting positions. The aim is to create a place that offers institutions, photographers, galleries, collectors, agencies and publishers a space for exchange and synergies. In addition to the exhibitions, Fotohaus offers a cultural accompanying program as well as the opportunity to meet and connect.

The non-profit association ParisBerlin>fotogroup, founded by the curator Christel Boget, is a platform that has been active for 18 years in promoting contemporary photography in the German-French and European photography scene.

(Press: ParisBerlin>fotogroup)


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